In terms of standing up for someone, there are three kinds of people. There are the people that know they should do something but don’t for whatever reason There are the people that actually do something about what’s happening, and then there are the people that join in on what’s happening. I consider myself the 2nd one. There are many examples of this that I can remember but they are all pretty much the same. If someone was making fun of someone else, I  would step in and defend them. I also go to marches and rallies against political and social things I don’t stand for.

There are many examples of me standing up for someone or something that I can remember but they are all pretty much the same. If someone was making fun of someone else, I  would step in and defend them. I also go to marches and rallies against political and social things I don’t stand for. Standing up for someone you don’t know takes courage. One time I was courageous was back in elementary when I stopped a kid from getting ganged up on by three other kids. I can’t remember their names but I remember what happened. The three of them were making fun of this kid in any way they could. He was backed into a corner on the edge of the yard and the three of them were in his face laughing and messing with him. When I walked over, they didn’t notice and kept going. “Hey!” I said to get their attention. I don’t remember my exact words but I think I said something about how they shouldn’t mess with the kid. One of them stepped forward and pushed me back, saying something about why would I care. I stepped forward and pushed him back. Then, he moved forward and pushed me as hard as he could. I fell right over with them all laughing at me but they walked away right after I got up. It felt good to know that, even though they might have won, I still got them away.



When I was a kid, I was very imaginative. My friends and I would pretend to be in the jungle or in space exploring a new planet when in reality we were on the schoolyard running around and shouting. Sometimes we would play Truth or Dare; a game where one person asks another person “truth or dare”. The person has to choose one or the other. If they say “truth”, the asker has to ask them a question which the chooser has to answer truthfully. I the chooser picks “dare”, the asker gets to tell the chooser to do a task; usually risky or dangerous. We would dare each other to do stupid things in front of teachers or in front of girls.

I remember one time we were playing truth or dare and I dared my friend tom to climb the fence, get out of the school, and climb back. At first, he didn’t want to, but then my friend William kept calling him chicken. I know its peer pressure but it was worth the laugh. Eventually, we got him to do it. Slowly but surely, he started to climb the fence. When he got to the top, he started to climb over but suddenly stopped. “I’m stuck!” he shouts. I knew we had to get a teacher, even if we got in trouble. So, I got a teacher and they helped Tom down. Lucky us, we didn’t get in trouble, only Tom did. The teachers gave him the whole talk about how “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” We also all believed that Santa was real. Now, I know better but back then, he was a legend in my book.

Interworld:​ Book Review

For my next book blog, I am writing about Interworld. It is a sci-fi novel packed with action and adventure. I chose this book because I love Neil Gaiman. His stories are always super interesting and exciting. Interworld is about a boy named Joey in his early teens whose life gets turned upside down. One day on a school trip around town, he and his group get split up. When he finds his way back to his house, things are very different. He comes home to find that his mom doesn’t recognize him. In great confusion, he leaves the house to take a breather and everything seems different. Suddenly a man in a sleek, futuristic-looking bodysuit runs up to him. Joey’s next decision will change the rest of his life. He goes on to discover there are many different versions of himself, all at a place called Basecamp. Joey meets many different characters during his adventures. I think my favorite one is J-O. He is a witty, know it all cyborg kid who always has the answer to any problem. He also has a HUGE ego. For once, I don’t think I want to meet him. I wouldn’t want to meet him because he’s too know it all. He would always be correcting me and his ego would get pretty annoying.

I really liked reading Interworld. I wouldn’t recommend this book as much as I would recommend some other Niel Gaiman books, but it was still a good one. I think this book is similar to The Best of Both Worlds. They are both sci-fi novels with plenty of action and adventure.

I think the main idea of this book is that, no matter what brings you down, you can always overcome it.


To Kill a Mockingbird Blog #1

When the law doesn’t punish criminals, individuals should do so.

I half agree and half disagree with this statement. In my opinion, you should always try to let the professionals handle the situation instead of putting yourself in harm’s way; physically, financially, or mentally.  One time in elementary school, I had a sub that was completely unfair. It was reading time and I was telling my friend about a book I had read. The sub starts yelling at my friend about being quiet so I said that I was the one talking. Then he starts yelling at both of us. Since in fourth grade, I wasn’t the smartest, I start yelling at him. After that he made me and my friend stay in for lunch and not talk at all. At the end of the day, I went to the principal and told her what happened. We never saw that sub again.

I realize that sometimes the law can be unfair and not react appropriately depending on the situation. One example individuals taking it into their own hands is when Eric Garner was choked to death by an NYPD officer. The officer was put on suspension but not put on trial. There have been other times when the officer was laid off but not often. When people realized that Eric Garner didn’t get the justice he deserved, they started a campaign and protests started popping up all over the place. They raised awareness and started something that has made an impact in history.


Usually, books are banned because they have racial slurs, extensive profanity, and/or extreme sexual themes. A lot of times, the books that are banned are good, even if they have some inappropriate themes. People might want to read these books not just because they are good but also because of the themes. People don’t want to read books that don’t also have the unpleasant parts of life. People want to be able to relate to the story. The N-word didn’t use to be considered bad

Words and what is considered shocking have changed over time drastically. What was considered PG back in the day may be considered R now. Some words that were used a long long time ago are considered taboo now. Words like the N-word, faggot, jap, chink, kike, and many others. There are many books that have been banned for these words but I haven’t read them. The only banned books I have read are Where the Wild Things Are and To Kill a Mocking Bird. We can create a safe space while reading this book by censoring the sware words and editing the really bad parts.

Born a Crime By Trevor Noah

For my first book blog this year, I chose Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. I chose this book because I heard it was good and I always wanted to read an autobiography.  Born a Crime is a non-fiction auto biography about Trevor Noah’s life from when he was a baby through college. In the book, he talks about how he and his mother were getting through the Partite, poverty, and mostly just living in South Africa. There are many people in this book who were very influential in Trevor Noah’s life. I think my favorite was his mother. She was extremely hard on him through out his childhood but in a teaching way. With every “lesson” there would be a consequence. I also like her because through the poverty and unfairness that came through the Partite, she stayed strong for Trevor and did what she could to get them food and a roof over their heads.

This is probably the best book I’ve read this year. I 100% recommend this book to everyone. It does such a good job at giving you a look into Trevor Noah’s life before he was a comedian. Unlike some autobiographies, this one is full of action and comedy.

This book is similar to Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela because they are both autobiographies about the Partite in South Africa and freedom rights. I think the main idea of this book is to never lose hope and to always fight for whats right.


  • As my non-fiction book this year, I read March- Book 1, by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell. I chose this book because it was non-fiction and about a topic that I’m interested in. March is an inspirational non-fiction graphic novel about John Lewis’ lifelong struggle for civil and human rights. The book starts off showing the first attempted march from Selma to Montgomery, and it’s violent outcome. It then abruptly cuts to when he is older, and a congressman and he begins to tell his inspiring life journey to two young kids, about what he and many others had to go through to get justice. It was interesting to read about his childhood, including how he and his uncle had to travel north, to find a safer place for him to grow up. In the South, there were a lot of KKK rallies and white people who threatened the lives of African-Americans. I think this move changed his life. If he had stayed in Alabama his situation would have been a lot worse, and he never would have met Martin Luther King Jr, and then become an important activist.      

    One character in this book that I would love to meet would be John Lewis.  I would want to meet him because he was such an awesome activist and civil rights leader! I would talk to him about how we can change our current political situation. I would like to hear his perspective on the government choices that have been happening and talk about what it was like for him when he was younger. I think this book is really good. I like it because it gives you a good look at what it was like to be African-American in those times how hard it was. I would definitely recommend reading this book. This book is similar to the movie Selma, except it’s the story of John Lewis. The movie Selma is centered around Martin Luther King Jr.,  but they are both based on the civil rights movement. 

    I think John Lewis wanted to make this book to share his story in a form that younger people would want to read. He wanted to share what happened because he doesn’t want people to forget what got us here.It gives young readers a look at what it was like back then.