Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

    • For my next wide reading blog, I chose Six of Crows By Leigh Bardugo. I chose this book because I am a fan of the heist and crime category, like this book.

      Six of Crows is a fictional tale set in a world wrought with crime, murder, and magic. In this story, there is a city, Keterdam and in this city, there is a group of criminals with a job that no one could pass up. A convict with a thirst for revenge, a sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager, a runaway with a privileged past, a spy known as the Wraith, a Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums. a thief with a gift for unlikely escapes. Together, this unlikely group of rejects will pull off the greatest heist of all time.

      One of the characters in this book was “the sharpshooter”. He’s pretty much the only character in the book with a sense of humor. With his great attitude and sharpshooting skills, he is probably my favorite character. I would love to meet him. I feel like he would be a super nice guy, even if he would be joking all the time.

      I loved this book. I think it was the perfect balance of fight scenes, dramatic moments, and joyful victories. I would recommend this book but only for people with a stomach because there are some parts that are pretty morbid.

      There are many books similar to, or in the same category as Six of Crows. I think that the best example would be Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. As I had explained in my previous blog post, Red Queen is full of magic, criminals, and adventure. Both books are about societies rejected becoming powerful.

      I think that the moral of the story is being persistent. I think this because persistence is what got this gang of criminals to victory. If the took a small loss, the come back with an even harder punch.


A clever title about mockingbirds

As our next assignment, Nisrene is having us write a blog post about To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee. I think she chose this book for us because it has a lot of important topics that we should learn more about, such as rape, racism, and poverty. These are important topics because they are all things people encounter in the world every day.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a story about a small town called Maycomb. It is told by the main character, Scout Finch, a smart young girl. The Finch family includes Scout, Atticus (the dad), and Jem. She starts the book by talking about Jem, her older brother, who broke his arm. The whole book is about the events that led to it. That’s what hooks you. It’s the story of a trial, a man falsely accused, and the lessons Scout learns along the way. Tom Robinson is a farm worker that gets accused of rape and is sent to court for a trial. Tom’s lawyer is Atticus, a good and fair lawyer who isn’t racist at all. Even though there is clear evidence of Tom’s innocence, he is declared guilty of the crime and is later killed by a mob. Much later in the book, Scout and Jem get attacked a crazy man, Mr. Bob Ewell, the father of the “rape victim”. In a drunken rage, he attempts to stab Scout. In her defense, Jem tries to fight Mr. Ewell off. In the scuffle, SNAP, a scream, darkness.

One of the most important characters in the book was Bob Ewell. He was the one that started all this. Bob is a racist, middle-aged man who does not really like anyone at all. He’s also an alcoholic who absolutely hates Atticus because he defended Tom Robinson in the court case. Bob ends up breaking Jem’s arm, while trying to kill Scout, in an attempt to get back at Atticus. I would not want to meet him at all. I wouldn’t want to meet him for 3 reasons: 1) He would probably hate me since I’m half black. 2) He’s an awful and rude person. 3) I wouldn’t learn anything from the experience.

This is an amazing book. It’s full of great messages and has a very influential story. I would recommend this book to everyone. At first, it seems boring and slow, but it gets much better.

To Kill a Mockingbird is similar in many ways to the book The Book Thief. They are both about young female protagonists. Both young girl’s fathers are honest and kind to everyone. Not only do these characters act as father figures, but as teachers too. They help Scout and Liesel get through the hard times by teaching them life lessons. Another similarity is that both young girls are accepting of shunned peoples. For Liesel, it was the Jewish man they sheltered, and for Scout it was Tom Robinson, and Calpurnia, the housemaid, who was more of a mother to her than a housekeeper.


I think the main idea of the book is that it is a sin to “kill a mockingbird”. It is a sin because they mean no harm and all they ever do is sing. In other words, picking on helpless, harmless people is a terrible thing and you should never do it.


Book Blog: Armada by Ernest Cline

For my next book review, I chose Armada By Earnest Cline. I chose this book because I was told that it was similar and just as good as Ready Player One.

Armada is a fiction sci-fi novel about a 17-year-old boy named Zach, who plays a video game called Armada. When he was 2 years old, his dad was pronounced dead, in a factory explosion. Now, he is in his last year of high school. He isn’t very popular, due to his anger issues and has only two friends. At night, they like to play Armada online together. Over the years, this has built up Zach’s skills to the point of being in the top 10 players in the world. One day, when he thinks he sees an alien Armada spaceship outside his window, he decides to research old video games. After that day, his whole life would change. War would break out, many lives would be lost, and Zack would be called a hero for the rest of his days.

My favorite character in the book was probably Zach’s mom. She supports him in any situation. She is nice and caring, yet at the same time teaches Zack life lessons. I would want to meet her because she is inspiring. Even through all the violence and drama, she stayed strong.

I loved this book. It was exciting and emotional at the same time. I felt like I was in the story. I would say this is the best book I’ve read this quarter. It is intriguing at every page turn. I really wish there was a second book. I would recommend this book to people who like sci-fi and adventure.

This book is super similar to Ready Player One. They are both about young boys who love video games and they both have a ton of action. I enjoyed both books, very much and recommend reading both.

I think the main idea of this book is that, no matter how hard life gets, it will always get better with hard work and the help of family and friends.



Personally, I have never been in a courtroom, but I have seen many movies, TV shows, and even plays about court cases. On Tv, courtrooms always seem super dramatic and tense. I don’t think that this is always the case, especially because, on tv, the criminal is always some murderer, supervillain, or something like that.

America’s justice system is confusing. Sometimes they are fair, and sometimes they aren’t. In my opinion, it isn’t the court that decides what happens to the convict, its the jury. There have been many cases that involve racism and those are the worst because you never know who in the jury will be good or bad. Also, I know this might just be on tv but, I don’t think people in the jury make conscious decisions. They are always talking about how much jury duty sucks and about how boring it is. This may or may not affect their decision but I think it does. In conclusion, a “fair trial” depends on the jury it is facing.



“The nineteenth-century lynching mob cuts off ears, toes, and fingers, strips off flesh, and distributes portions of the body as souvenirs among the crowd.” -Ida B. Wells

Ida Bell Wells-Barnett was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, on July 16, 1862. She was a civil rights activist and African American Journalist, newspaper editor, suffragist, sociologist, feminist, Georgist. In her time, there was a lot of racism and segregation that she was fighting against. I think this quote doesn’t really mean anything. In the time period, lynching mobs really did do all of these horrible things. When Ida B. Wells said this, she wasn’t trying to explain it or soften it up for anyone. She being straightforward and honest, which sometimes has a better effect on people.


Book Blog: Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard

For my next book blog, I chose to review Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard. I chose this book because it was recommended by a friend. It is a fiction novel about a girl named Mare Barrow. Her world is divided by the color of blood. There are the reds and the silvers. Reds are the lower class and silvers make up the upper. There is no middle which makes it much harder for the reds to make a living. The silvers make up the upper class because they have special abilities, such as the control of water, fire, and even the mind. Mare is a red who keeps her family alive with her expert pickpocketing skills and her street smarts. One day, there is a red terrorist attack by the Scarlet Guard at the silver capital building. This causes the thin ice between red and silver to snap. There are riots on the streets and reds running for safety from the raging silvers. That very day, Mare is taken by silver centennials (elite royal guards) to the royal palace and her life gets completely turned around. My favorite character in the book was probably Kilorn Warren. He is a Red, and Mare Barrow’s best friend who later joined the Scarlet Guard. He was initially a fisherman’s apprentice until his master died, making him eligible for drafting to the war. I would want to meet him because he is humble and modest.

I loved this book. It had just the right amount of good moments and bad moments. I also liked this book because it combined the modern world with the medieval ages in a way that worked perfectly. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy fantasy. This book is similar to Young Elites. They are similar because they both follow a young girl through her life as she discovers she has magical powers. I think what the author is trying to say with this book is that there will always be bad people and bad things in the world, but you have to recognize the good things as well.


In terms of standing up for someone, there are three kinds of people. There are the people that know they should do something but don’t for whatever reason There are the people that actually do something about what’s happening, and then there are the people that join in on what’s happening. I consider myself the 2nd one. There are many examples of this that I can remember but they are all pretty much the same. If someone was making fun of someone else, I  would step in and defend them. I also go to marches and rallies against political and social things I don’t stand for.

There are many examples of me standing up for someone or something that I can remember but they are all pretty much the same. If someone was making fun of someone else, I  would step in and defend them. I also go to marches and rallies against political and social things I don’t stand for. Standing up for someone you don’t know takes courage. One time I was courageous was back in elementary when I stopped a kid from getting ganged up on by three other kids. I can’t remember their names but I remember what happened. The three of them were making fun of this kid in any way they could. He was backed into a corner on the edge of the yard and the three of them were in his face laughing and messing with him. When I walked over, they didn’t notice and kept going. “Hey!” I said to get their attention. I don’t remember my exact words but I think I said something about how they shouldn’t mess with the kid. One of them stepped forward and pushed me back, saying something about why would I care. I stepped forward and pushed him back. Then, he moved forward and pushed me as hard as he could. I fell right over with them all laughing at me but they walked away right after I got up. It felt good to know that, even though they might have won, I still got them away.