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My next blog post is on The Book Thief. Nisrene chose this book because it has a very interesting and poetic writing. The Book Thief is a historical fiction novel about a girl named Liesel and her life living in Nazi Germany. Along the way, you meet many characters and get to love them. But when Liesel’s street starts going through air raids, it starts to turn out for the worse.

One of the wonderful characters in The Book Thief is Rudy. He is a skinny boy with scruffy blond hair. He has had a crush on Liesel for his whole life and has been trying to get her to kiss him. In the end, she does. Rudy is my favorite and I would love to meet him. This is because he is always so confident and he takes so much pride in himself. Also, he is willing to do what it takes to help his family.

In my opinion, The Book Thief is an awesome book with awesome writing! I would totally recommend this book to people who like something a little more interesting and not just a standard plot. This might not be the best answer, but, a similar book to the book thief is The Messanger. They are similar because they are written by the same people and have the same writing style.

I think the main idea of the story is despite all misfortune, stick with the things you love and don’t lose them.


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