Paint Me Like I Am

For my next book blog, I chose Paint Me Like I Am. I chose this because, for my poetry book, I wanted to find one that I could relate to. I really liked this book for two reasons. One is because I could relate to it, and two is because it wasn’t overly poetic like some poems can be. I would totally recommend reading this book to anyone. The poems are written from many different perspectives, such as boys, girls, other, older kids, younger kids, and kids in different family situations. Another book that is similar to this book is Tell the World. It is virtually the same book just with a different title and different poems. It has the same writing themes and is also written by teens.

In this book, there isn’t really a plot. It’s more like an idea around the writing. The whole book is written by teens who are given ideas to write about in each poem. They have to express it in their own words and all of them have a meaning behind them that have to do with their life as a teen. A lot of them are super sad, but some of them are inspirational.

My favorite poem was What I See Daydreaming. It is a short but nice poem about daydreaming and procrastinating. I like it because I can relate to it. I am a pretty good procrastinator and when I read the poem I couldn’t help smiling at how much it sounded like something I would think about.
Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.26.53 PM
I think the main idea of this book is to paint people like they are. Don’t assume or judge someone if you don’t know anything about them. Also to accept people how they are.


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