I think, most of the time, people are just cruel. A small percentage of the world is nice and helpful but I think a lot of that is based off of the state of others. A lot of the kindness in the world is based off of pity for the people who are less privileged than them. If everyone was at the same level in society, they would treat each other worse. Also, how we are raised, politics, and just ideas can start arguments which can divide us. An example of humans being brutal is the Holocaust. To counter that, an example of humans being beautiful is when some people in Germany helped  the Jews and hid them from the Nazis.
I think that the main motivation of humanity as a whole, not for just me, is to be right. To have the right ideas and to have the right motives. This is because we all have our separate ideas and we think that if everyone agrees with our ideas than we will be some how better than others.


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