THE MOST UNFAIR EVER!!!! (gone violent)


“No good deed goes unpunished.”

To me, this statement is saying that every good deed comes with a price. That all good acts, come with a not so good thing. Also, it might be talking about times when you think your heart is in the right place but you have a feeling it might not be true. I do not agree with this. In my opinion, this statement is only right in some circumstances. For instance, like in the Book Thief when Hans Huberman gives the Jewish boy food, he feels like his decisions might come with a price, and he might have put his family in danger. That is an extreme circumstance. Another example might be if you decide to take the side of a friend’s small argument, and it ends up backfiring on you. These are examples where the statement might be true, but generally I don’t think it is. Have you ever gone around town, giving homeless camps bags of food and supplies? Knowing that you did that good deed is great, and there isn’t a price to pay. If you try to be nice to someone you don’t know, and you end up making a friend, then there is no down side to that.

In the long run, I do not agree with this statement. It is always good to do a good deed for someone. I think even if it does come with a price, it is still a good deed.



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  1. elizardholcombe · February 27

    whats with all the clickbait titles HUH?!?


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