I have witnessed many ordinary acts of heroism, but the best one was probably when I was at the Woman’s March in downtown SF. I was marching with my family when I noticed a homeless man struggling with his shopping cart. Suddenly, he tripped and fell along with his cart. A group of people ran over and helped him up they picked up his stuff, made sure he was ok, and gave him an umbrella. It was pretty awesome to see. Another time was when my Aiden’s dog ran into the street. Aiden’s mom ran after her and picked her up right when a car came rolling down the street.

A couple things that I have done where I’ve stood up for someone or did something admirable are; when I went to Smash Burger with my mom and there was this homeless guy. I think he was a veteran He is always there asking for food, so we bought him an extra burger and a coke. Another time was at my old school. My friend got in trouble for laughing at my joke and for telling it to everyone. When the teacher called him out, I told them that it was all my fault and we both got in trouble. I don’t think it was fair.

I have a lot of people I admire but one of them is Bill Gates. He is successful, rich, smart, and famous. Also, he isn’t one of those rich jerks that think their the king of everything. He is actually a super nice guy and does a lot of things for charity.


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