The Eye of Minds By James Dashner

The book I chose this time was Eye of Minds By James Dashner. I chose this book because the past couple of books I’ve read, I have been trying something new, but for this one I just wanted to read some good-old Earthly action fiction. Not any romance or moon Divergent stuff.

The Eye of Minds is a fiction novel where the line between game, and reality disappear. It’s about the latest VR/gaming tech, the VertNet, where players are able to surpass the limits of the real world and do thing unimaginable. A hacker named Kaine starts trapping gamers inside their virtual world. The book is packed with action and adventure. At one point, the government even gets involved! A kid named Michael and his two friends are tasked with the responsibility of to saving the gaming world and taking down the evil hacker, Kaine. I can’t say much more because of a HUGE spoiler at the end, but let’s just say Michael isn’t Michael…

My favorite character in the book was Michael. He was curious about everything and was kind of funny. I would not want to meet him because he is so obsessed with the VertNet, that all he wants to do is play it. He would not be a good friend because of that, and he would never have any time to hang out with me. I really like this book because of how trippy it gets at the end. When I read the last chapter, I think my brain popped. This book is pretty similar to a TV show I used to watch called SAO, or Sword Art Online, with the exact same plot. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever seen SAO. Also, I am recommending this book to Kate(8th grade). To me, the main idea/what the author is trying tell us is that you can’t trust or believe everything you see. Not everything is real and not everything is what it seems.



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