Talon By Julie Kagawa

The latest book I read was Talon, by Julie Kagawa. I chose this book because I wanted to try something new. Talon is a fiction romance/action book about a girl/dragon and her brother, also a dragon. They both are from an organization called Talon, who keep the dragon community in check. Ember and her brother Dante get sent to Crescent Beach in human form to learn how to fit in with humans. Their main goal is to fit in, and at all costs, do not give away their true identity or change into their real form. The reason they can’t tell anyone they are a dragon, or shift back into a dragon, is because of a cult/organization called St.George. St.George is an elite organization of trained soldiers, whose main mission is to kill all dragons. St.George sends two of their best operatives, Garret and Tristan, out to Crescent Beach to find and kill a reported dragon (hint-Ember) in the area. Ember and Garret end up meeting and, if you read it, you won’t believe what happens.

My favorite character in the book is Ember. She is super nice and brave. She also knows how to surf and likes smoothies. She seems like a fun person and that is why I would want to meet her. Also, she is adventurous so if I hung out with her it would never be boring. Plus, she could teach me how to surf!

I really liked this book because of the way it mixed romance with action. It was also really immersive. Reading it really pulled me into the story. I would definitely recommend this book to any one who likes romance but gets board with all the lovey-dovey stuff and wants some more variety. The most similar book to Talon is probably the second book, Rogue. I know it seems like a lame answer, but the main things that are similar are the characters. There is also more action in Rogue.

I think the moral of the story and what the author is trying to say is that you are in control of your own life and that you can make your own decisions for your self. I think this because in the story, Ember doesn’t like Talon at all. She feels like they are controlling her life. Eventually she gets tired of it and goes rogue, but I don’t want to spoil the story.17331828.jpg


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