Dove Arising by Karen Bao

I chose this book because I wanted to try something new. Usually I would read something more “mystical”, but this time I read something more… “realistic.”

Dove Arising is a fiction book set on the moon, at “Base Four”. Base 4 is where our main character, Phaet Theta, lives. The book is about Phaet needing to try to get into a terrible, but well paying, job to get enough money so she can bail her mom out of penitentiary. She joins Militia, the law keeping group on the moon, but their ways aren’t like our ways. They are trained to be violent and ruthless. Phaet’s main goal is to pass Militia training, get the top ranking, and make enough money to get her mom back.

I really liked reading Dove Arising because it was so engaging. I am actually going to recommend this book to Nisrene, as a class reading book for the next 6th graders, because it had so much variety. It has some romance, drama, and action! It also has some alliteration and some poetic stuff. Please look into it, Nisrene.

I think what the author is trying to tell us and the main idea of the story is that it’s important to stick with friends and family. Before Phaet joins Militia, her best friend Umbrial and her little sister Anka look out for her and speaks for her because she doesn’t talk much. When she joins Militia, she meets a boy named Wes, and he keeps her up while going through the tough training. Throughout the story, it’s Phaet’s best friends and family who keep her together. It is hard for me to think of a book or film that this is similar to but I am just going to say The Martian. They are similar because they are both set on a planet in space and they are both about friendship in the end. My favorite character in this book was Wes. He was nice, considerate, supportive, and he wasn’t like everyone else. I would want to meet him because he seemed like an interesting friend. He is also very helpful because of his strength.


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