•   Do you agree with Alexie that in order to make his point, he had to use words that would offend some people?

I don’t agree that he had to use those words, because they are really offensive, and there are other ways of communicating that the character saying it was racist. The whole book is about Junior going through these challenges, and if the author changed 2 offensive words it would still be expressing how hard life was for the character.

  •     How do these words relate to the rest of the novel?

These words are racist comments towards Indians and Black people, and some of the main topics in the book are racism, and the cultural and economic differences between white people and other races. White people in the novel are always referred to as “better”, and that it is easier to be white than Indian.

  •       What do you think about the fact that one version of the book does not include this language?

I think that the fact that one version of the book doesn’t include these words is slightly absurd.  You are changing the words that the storyteller used. It is based off of a true story, and Sherman Alexis feels very close to the story, so he would be very unhappy if you changed something that is supposed to resemble his life as a kid. It is like changing a school picture, or diary pages.


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