The Looking Glass Wars– By: Frank Beddor

My first book this year was The Looking Glass Wars! There isn’t any specific reason why I chose this book. It just looked interesting, so I read it. The Looking Glass Wars is a fiction story inspired by Alice in Wonderland. It is almost like  Alice in Wonderland but opposite. The Looking Glass Wars has many of the same characters; Alyss Heart (Alice), Red Heart (the Queen of Hearts), Bibwit Harte (the White Rabbit), Hatter Madigan (the Mad Hatter), The Cat (the Cheshire Cat) ^Pronounced Bibwit Hair^

It is the story of Princess Alyss Heart. On her 7th birthday the palace was invaded by the evil Red Heart, who had been banished for treason long ago by Alyss’ mother, Queen Genevieve. Alyss’ mom is slaughtered right in front of her and she has to go into hiding from the new ruler, Queen Redd. When Alyss goes into hiding, she runs away with Hatter Madigan, Queen Genevieve’s best milliner. Milner’s are an elite group of soldiers in Wonderland.

There is a place in Wonderland called the Pool of Tears, where when people go in they never come back out. It is called this because when people go in and vanish, their loved ones grieve, and the pool is filled with their tears. When running away, they are forced to jump into the Pool of Tears and see where it takes them. For the next 13 years Alyss spends her life in London, trying to forget her life in Wonderland. Hatter Madigan disappeared when they jumped, and he ends up landing in Paris. His #1 mission is to find Alyss, make sure she is safe, and bring her bring her back to Wonderland. A cool aspect of this story is that imagination is one of the main tools and weapons. You can conjure things at your will, like tools, or weapons, anything if your imagination is powerful enough. For most commoners it is not, but Alyss is the strongest Wonderland has ever seen

When they do get back, they join a rebellion against Red’s empire, called the Alyssians. They end up overthrowing Redd and getting Wonderland back, but can Alyss Heart handle the role of being Queen, as her mother did, at such a young age? Read the book to find out if she does become Queen.

My favorite character in this book by far, is Hatter Madigan. He serves Alyss once she becomes queen and served Queen Genevieve before that. He is loyal, selfless, and was trained to not let any emotion get the better of him no matter what. Hatter is the best fighter in Wonderland and his hat is his primary weapon. When he gives his hat a flick of his wrist, the rim becomes a sharp blade. He also has other weapons like his wrist blades. When Hatter flicks his wrist without holding anything, short blades come out of his sleeves. He also has swords that come out of his belt, but that’s not important. I know Hatter seems cool and brave and all, but I don’t think I would want to meet him. He is too dark, he is a killing machine, and he can’t really think for himself.

I really like this The Looking Glass Wars. I had fun reading it and I love the story. I would recommend reading it. I would recommend it to people who like action and adventure. The book is pretty dark but you get used to it eventually.
I think the main idea of this book is revenge. In the beginning of the book Red is trying to get revenge on Queen Genevieve for banishing her. In the middle, Allys is trying to get revenge on Red for taking her queendom. I think what the author trying to tell us is that if a bully pushes down, you just have to get right back up.


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  1. liamh2003 · October 7, 2016

    This book sounds really cool. I had never heard of it before. Thank you for writing this post. It is an excellent post and I really have no criticism for you.


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