A new Hope

On the first day of school, the only thing I was excited for was seeing my friends and meeting all of the new teachers I didn’t want to go to school. I was so used to not having any homework, so, getting all of the back to school homework hit me like a bullet. After the first week I got used to it.

My first day of school and Junior’s first day of school were pretty different. Unlike me, he was excited for the school part of school. Not seeing his friends, not meeting his new teachers, he was excited for school. I guess he didn’t know anyone so he couldn’t be excited for friends. He should have at least been excited to meet all of his new teachers. I only had two new teachers and I was excited, Junior had teachers for ALL of his classes to meet and get to know! Also, he  was excited for MATH CLASS! I don’t like math class at all. To me, math is boring, and its my least favorite subject. I do like geometry so that is one thing we have in common. In the long run, me and Junior aren’t very similar at all.


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