Guys Read: True Stories

The reason I chose Guys Read: True Stories is because when I read the first one I liked it a lot and wanted to read more in the series. This book doesn’t have one single plot because it’s a book of true short stories.

My favorite story in the book was Sahara Shipwreck. It was about Captain James Riley, who was my favorite character. He and his crew shipwrecked on the Sahara desert and were captured and enslaved by a caravan of nomads. I would want to meet because he is very wise, clever, kind-hearted, inspirational, and brave (These are also the reasons why he is my favorite character).

I liked reading this book, it was very interesting and had a lot of different perspectives. I would recommend, Guys Read: True Stories, to anyone who likes lots of topics in one book because every story you read in the book is almost completely different!

This book is similar to any other book in the Guys Read series because they are all short stories with a wide variety of topics covered and aimed at tweens and teens. The theme of each story in the book is different, but I think the theme of my favorite story was adventure/autobiography. I am not sure what the was trying to tell me because it was written from a journal.



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  1. arloooo · October 7, 2016

    I like this blog post but I did find some mistakes with your grammar. I think I might read that book In the future. I did find your post a bit short.


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