The Grimm Legacy

For my last book of the year I read The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman. I chose this book because it looked like the kind of story that I usually like to read.

The Grim Legacy is about a girl named Elizabeth who gets a job at the New York Circulating Material Repository. The Repository is like a library. You can check out different things, but not books, objects. They have some amazing things there that could have been in museums, such as; ancient artifacts, dinosaur bones, beautiful paintings, arcane treasures, and even Marie Antoinette’s wig.  All kinds of people like movie directors, designers, and architects would come to check things out. The point is, this place is not a normal repository.

The most amazing items they have are magical things, like the Grimm collection. This is a collection of magical objects from the stories of the Brothers Grimm. For example, some of the objects were the magic mirror from Snow White, a flying carpet, and “Table Be Set” which is a table that magically sets itself with a feast that replenishes whenever something is eaten.

This part gets confusing, so pay attention. After Elizabeth gets her job, she makes 3 new friends, Anjali, Mark, and Aaron. She realizes how important the Repository is, but discovers there is something wrong, when she gets her key to the Grimm Collection. Almost half of the objects have been replaced with fakes, with no magical properties what so ever.  She and her friends must find out who the culprit is, and why they are taking all the objects. It leads them on a dangerous adventure. They find out the person who has been stealing all the objects is a collector who has been collecting magical objects for a long time and selling them for thousands, even millions of dollars. Will they catch him? Will the objects be returned to The Repository? I guess you will never know… UNLESS YOU READ THE BOOK!

If I could meet anyone in this book I would want to meet Aaron. He really likes SciFi and science-y things. In the book he wasn’t very nice at first, but once you got to know him he was. I would want to meet him because we seem we are kind of alike in our interests. I also think I would like him because he is really clever, and has great comebacks. Also, he is just plain smart.

I really liked this book because it is a mix of action, adventure, magic, fantasy and romance.  I also really liked that it incorporated fairy tales along with real world circumstances.  I’d recommend it to people who like a mix of a lot of genres in one story.

This book is similar to another book that I did a blog post on called The Land of Stories. They are similar because both of them incorporate magic and the real world. Also, The Land of Stories and The Grimm Legacy are both about things from classic fairy tales.

I think what the author is trying to tell us with this story is that we should always dare to explore and to not give when things go bad, even when you think you are being targeted by a giant magical bird.



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