Guys Read: Other Worlds – Edited by: Jon Scieszka

I chose this book because this year everybody has to read and write a report on a short stories book and I chose this one because I like the genre. This book is a book of sci fi and fantasy short stories. My favorite story was “Bouncing the Grinning Goat” by Shannon Hale. It is about a girl named Spark who runs far away from home to find adventure. It is set in what seems medieval times. She gets a job as a bouncer at a tavern(The Grinning Goat) in a village called Bendy Stream by telling the manager that she is from a long lost kingdom called Old Hollow. She makes him believe that she has some of the mage powers that Old Hollowers have, powers that enable them to control and manipulate fire and light. She is actually from New Hollow, a small village on the outskirts and doesn’t have any powers, or so she thinks. Close to the end of the story, something threatens the village and she unlocks her full potential. No spoilers! If I met a character I would want to meet Spark because she is brave and has a good spirit. It would be awesome to meet someone from another time, and ask them what it was like.

I really liked this book of short stories because it was exciting and I felt like it brought you into the stories while you were reading them. I liked the variety of genre throughout the book. This book was part of a series generally directed toward boys, but I think it works for boys and girls, because there is no specific gender of the main characters in each story. A similar book to Guys read: Other Worlds would be “Enter: Ten Tales for Tweens – Fantastic Short Stories”. It is also a book of fictional short stories, with sci fi and fantasy. I haven’t read this, but now that I have read one short story book I might start reading more!
I don’t know what the author is trying to say and there isn’t really any main idea because it is multiple stories and multiple authors. I suppose the whole book could be trying to tell you something like use your imagination.


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