The Declaration of Inspiration

There isn’t really anything that inspires me, but there are so many opportunities and things that are possible that I can do in the time I am alive, with my generation.  Sometimes I am inspired by small things like if I see a cool photograph, it might inspire me to take pictures like that. I also get inspired when people try to make social and political differences, standing up for things when no one else is. I got inspired in the Social Justice Elective last week when we were talking about police brutality. It made me want to take a stand against things like police brutality and racism. One thing I did after I was inspired by that conversation was I made a poster in Photoshop and posted it on Instagram that talked about police brutality, asking people to post or share pictures like the one I made to help raise awareness of police brutality.

When I get older I might want to be an activist, because I want to do something about things that are not right. Make a dent in the things that are wrong and bad in our society. I don’t really know what obstacles could get in my way, because I don’t know what might happen in the future. What ever might happen I would overcome the obstacles by not giving up no matter what.


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