Should Teen Age Boys and Girls be Raised Differently?

I think that teen age boy and girls should be raised differently. This is because I think when boys and girls start to get around that age, they start to think differently as well as act differently. For example, parents may have to become slightly more strict with their boys because they may become more ruckus, and girls… not so much. Parents might be more protective of their teenage girls because generally in society girls may experience more unwanted attention from strangers.

I think when you start to become a teenager parents should apply rules like “Always tell me where you are going before you go somewhere.” or “Always make sure I know where you are.” These rules should be the same for both boys and girls. Chores are also a big part of being a teenager because you will have to earn a lot of things by doing them, and it teaches responsibility and independence. I think girls and boys should have to do the same amount of chores.  Girls and boys both need to try to become more responsible and more independent as they grow up.



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