The Sword of Summer By Rick Riordan

The_Sword_of_Summer.jpgThe book I chose to read was The Sword of Summer because when I finished the Percy Jackson series I was really sad and was looking forward to being able to read Rick Riordan’s next book. Now it finally came out, and it’s awesome.

The Sword of Summer is an action and adventure book about a boy named Magnus Chase who unexpectedly, after dying in agony, finds himself wound up in an epic quest to save the world. The basis for this book is Norse Mythology. Magnus descends from a Norse heritage, his father is a god. There are three characters that go with him on his quest, Hearthstone the elf, Blitz the dwarf, and Sam the valkyrie.  They almost die many times, but come back victorious.

My favorite character in this book was Magnus. He is a 16 year old boy who, after his mom’s death, decides to live on the streets without keeping in contact with any family or friends. He is friendly and kind but hardened from his childhood experiences. I would like to meet Magnus because he is clever and has a cool sword. He has defeated monsters and his dad is a god. He has gone thru a lot of intense things, and I would like to hear his stories.

I really liked this book and would recommend it to any Percy Jackson fans, because it is written by the same author. I know a lot about Norse mythology because the Percy Jackson books got me into all mythology. I learned a lot about what creatures and monsters are in Norse mythology from this book.

A similar book is Percy Jackson and the Olympians because it is similar in plot, story and characters. There is a quest, and they are trying to save the world, and it is all mythology mixed with the modern world. What I got out of this book is that sticking with family and friends is important through hard times. We should try not to give up and try stay up, as in being positive.


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