Dwellings and Wellings

A._S._Bradford_HouseTo me, it is a lot different. They both have their ups and downs. If you live in a house that you own, you have to have a lot more things to worry about, like bills, how it looks, and maintenance. But you have a lot of good thing too, like more choice, and you don’t have to worry about how loud you are. On the other hand. If you are renting an apartment or house you don’t have to worry about all that stuff or, at least most of it. On the down side, when you are renting, your landlord could be a jerk, he/she could not take care of the house, or the landlord could live completely elsewhere and not take care of anything at all! Luckily, my family rents an apartment with a nice landlord.

To me renters, home owners and homeless people are not considered equal citizens in America. For one, homeless people are treated completely differently. Sometimes people don’t even acknowledge them. One time I saw a lady looking down at her phone, typing away, and a homeless man was sitting on a bench with a drink cup asking for money, and she just passed him right by without looking up. When you are homeless, people don’t treat you as well, and sometimes even avoid you. Homelessness can be from bad decisions or even just bad luck. I do think that renters and homeowners are considered equal citizens.

My perfect house would be just like our flat except for e few changes. I would want it to be slightly bigger and slightly more well lit, with a bigger backyard, cleaner front sidewalk, and sound proof windows.




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