Steve Jobs – Insanely Great


Steve Jobs – Insanely Great

The book I chose this time was Steve JobsInsanely Great, written and illustrated by Jessie Hartland. This book is a nonfiction graphic novel about how Steve Jobs became insanely great and his life story starting from when he was a baby, to when he died of cancer. I chose this book because I wanted to learn more about Steve and Apple itself.

Steve Jobs was an interesting guy. He was good natured but it doesn’t seem like he liked to show it because I think he wanted everyone to think he was super businessman. It would have been kinda cool for me to me him because it would be an interesting experience to be able to talk to someone that smart and passionate about what they do.

I learned while reading this book was that Steve Jobs was adopted and that the feeling of abandonment would haunt him forever. This made him more solemn. Also another shocking thing was that while still running NeXT, he bought Pixar and helped create computer animated films. I also learned that he once worked with Bill Gates, before they became rivals.

Steve Jobs– Insanely Great was a really good book to read. It was interesting to learn all these things about Steve Jobs’ life and how Apple came to be Apple. I would definitely recommend this book to people who really like technology and books with a super good story (cough) Antonio.

I haven’t ever read anything like this so it was a very interesting experience because I learned a lot about the tech industry and how it worked. I think the main idea of this book is that you should never stop pushing to reach your goals like Steve Jobs. That is how he was so successful, and maybe you will too some day. 💻


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