Skulduggery Pleasant

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The book I chose was Skulduggery Pleasant, by Derek Landy. I chose this book, or should I say “came across this book” because my mom found it for me when I didn’t have a new book to read.

This fantastical fiction book is about a girl named Stephanie and how her life completely turns around after her uncle gets murdered and she has to go on the run from evil sorcerers. They will do anything to kill her and get the Sceptre of the Ancients, a straight gold staff that lets the wielder have unimaginable power and strength. Stephanie may be the only one who truly knows where it is.

Luckily after many random sightings, she finally meets Skulduggery Pleasant. Skulduggery Pleasant isn’t a normal man. For one- technically he is dead, and for two- he is a skeleton, and for three- he can do magic. I’m not talking rabbits out of hats and card tricks, I am talking real magic, like being able to wield fire or water, or manipulate the wind. Together they are unstoppable, tho along the way they face scary and powerful enemies as they try to defend the Sceptre of the Ancients.

I would totally want to meet Skulduggery. He is kind of a trickster, and he is very clever. Sometimes he has a smart mouth, but in the book it is always funny. He seems like a nice guy in general, and if magic were real and I were in that story, he could probably teach me.

I really liked Skulduggery Pleasant because it’s exciting, and there is always a sense of mystery. Also, both of the characters are very funny, cool, and smart. I would recommend this book to any fans of the Artemis Fowl series because there is magic and technology and otherworldly characters, like the fairies in Artemis Fowl and the Cleavers in Skulduggery Pleasant. The characters are also alike because they are smart and clever.

I think the main theme is “always be patient”. Being patient can save your life, at least in this story. If I had a nickel for all the times Skulduggery told Stephanie to be patient, I would be rich. She eventually does learn to be patient, but it takes time. So be patient, because when the time comes, you’ll need it!


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  1. liamh2003 · December 7, 2015

    there are multiple of them


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