Wonder Book Review

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I picked Wonder because it was a book that my old teacher recommended to me and it ended up being really good! It’s about an 11 year old boy named August, who has facial deformities and him in his fifth grade year at school.

It might be pretty cool to live in his world because everything seems so fun and happy, but I wouldn’t want to be August (the main character) because he gets bullied a lot. There’s this one kid named Julian who is REALLY mean to August, but in the end he gets what he deserves. I would like to meet August, because he sounds like a nice kid.

I really liked reading Wonder because it made me see people who are different in a new way. I can’t think of another book, or film that relates to Wonder, but there is another book about the character in Wonder named Julian. That might count. The main idea of Wonder is that people that are different in any way from anyone else are still equal and as awesome as anyone else. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions about people who have disabilities or are even just different from us. Wonder is written by: R.J. Palacio.

By: Makai Bell



  1. gabriellom · September 25, 2015

    Your post is very well written but you mentioned the author at the end. The book sounds really good and now I want to read it. Have you ever read another book by this author.


    • monstermakai · September 25, 2015

      I am trying to find another one by the same author but there aren’t a lot. ;-(


  2. Kat · September 27, 2015

    Hey Makai! (I’m not letting it drop that you WERE at the SPCA)
    Your blog post was really good! But i have a few suggestions and questions 😀 🙂

    You said -” It might be pretty cool to live in his world because everything seems so fun and happy”-. Why and how does it seem so happy and fun? If August gets bullied a lot, how does it look so cheerful?

    You could include the questions near the answers so we know which questions you’re answering?

    Who would you want to meet? You described August’s world as possibly sad because he gets bullied so much, but is there another side to him? He’s deformed, but how does he feel deep inside? Is he sad that he’s bullied, and is he disappointed in himself because he’s deformed?

    Do people bully him because of his deformities?

    Explain a little more about his world and his family. Do his family love and support him? Or are they mad and sad because he’s different?

    Overall, your blog post was super good 😀 🙂


  3. Marlee.Rai · March 15, 2016

    I love this book!! I love how you described your thoughts on the main idea. Are there any other reasons you would like to meet August? Next time explain your answers a little more, because if I hadn’t read the book I might not have understood as much.


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